Campus change

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The campus-change process

Meet with an academic advisor

In order to change campuses, students start by meeting with an academic advisor on the regional campus to initiate a campus-change form. (This meeting is not optional. Each term, the Registrar identifies students who have not properly completed the campus-change process and places a hold on their records.)

The campus-change form

The campus-change form should be submitted for approval to the student’s intended college by the fifth Friday of the term prior to the intended first term on the Columbus campus.

Each receiving college (e.g., Arts and Sciences or Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) has its own outreach process to help regional campus students make the transition to the Columbus campus once the student's change has been approved.

Minimum requirements

Students can change to the Columbus campus with a minimum of 30 earned hours (earned after high school graduation) and at least a 2.0 cumulative Ohio State GPA.
Academic units on the Columbus campus may have additional requirements.

Registering for Columbus campus classes

Registering for classes at the Columbus campus is done through Buckeye Link and should happen as soon as your enrollment appointment opens. Work with your advisor on the regional campus if you have questions, but registering for classes on the Columbus campus is very similar to registering on regional campuses. One exception may be understanding how the lecture/recitation pairings work (read about this under What to expect on the Columbus campus).