Campus change

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Getting started

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you are ready to change campuses, not the least of which is the process for how it's officially done. Other basic considerations include housing arrangements, understanding the differences between campuses and registering for Columbus campus classes.

The campus-change process   Learn how to start the process, when to submit the paperwork and the minimum requirements for changing campuses.

What to expect on the Columbus campus   Classes may be a little different at Columbus from what you are used to.

Costs   Because of additional fees and an elevated tuition structure, the overall cost of attendance for the Columbus campus is higher than at the regional campuses; however, financial aid budgets are larger on the Columbus campus, too.

Advising   You'll need someone in your corner during the campus-change process. Your advisor is there to help.

Finding housing on the Columbus campus   Learn about housing options on and off campus.

Student advice   Students who have changed campuses share some tips.

Frequently asked questions