Student advice

In addition to working with academic advisors at the regional campuses and new advisors on the Columbus campus, some of the best advice comes from students who have personally experienced a campus change. Reach out to former campus changers from your campus or check out the words of wisdom below!

What students say about changing to the Columbus campus

"Talk to your advisors! They help you a ton with planning out your academic year and can even refer you to better options when planning for classes and figuring out what you want to do in life. Also get involved on campus and/or join a club or organization. It's a great way to make new friends and open up networking options. Plus it looks good on resumes."

"Get involved on campus both at your current campus and Columbus campus! Get to know your advisors and ask them if you need help. It will help tremendously to have someone there to help make the transition. Don't be afraid to ask for help because there are people willing to help and some even wait to help someone. Use your resources well like advisors, student services and, with its various links to help navigate campus. Focus on academics while being involved because we are all students first and is the main priority. There are previous campus-change students, like me, who are more than willing to help in any aspect."

"Never turn down an opportunity! One thing that has happened for me in Columbus is the experiences that I have been given. Embrace change, you never know where your education can lead you. Being a Buckeye can be stressful at times especially if you are a transfer student, but go day by day and take it all in. Enjoy the years at Ohio State no matter if you are at a regional campus or if you are on the Columbus campus because they go fast!"

"Come and visit the campus before you make the move even if you went on a high school visit. Make yourself familiar with the settings and surroundings and take advantage of all of the things to do here in Columbus. Do not be afraid to get involved beyond your freshman year."

"Spend some time on main campus mapping your daily walk so that you are able to navigate on the fly when classes are in full swing."

"Don't be nervous to change, its a completely different campus and major change in size, but it is totally worth it! I wouldn't change my school for anything!"

Hear it from them

Hear from a former campus change student about her experience transitioning to the Columbus campus.