Tuition and fees

Fee structures are different at the Columbus campus than at other Ohio State campuses. To see how fees are assessed, review the fee tables at

The following fees may be unique to a student’s experience on the Columbus campus:

  • Instructional fees (charged at a higher rate on the Columbus campus)
  • Surcharge for overload enrollments (above 18 hours)
  • Student activity fee
  • Student Union facility fee
  • COTA fee
  • General fee
  • Learning Technology fee
  • Recreational fee
  • Program fee
  • Course fees
  • Student Health Insurance fees
  • Parking

Expenses vary between the Columbus and regional campuses. In addition to paying higher instructional fees on the Columbus campus (which can be as much as $1,146 higher per semester), campus-change students will be paying mandatory fees such as the student activity fee, student union fee, recreation fee and the COTA fee.

Additional fees vary and are based on individual considerations. These fees would include parking permits, fees associated with a student's particular academic program and the fee for Student Legal Services.

Learn more about fees on the Columbus campus:

Health insurance

Proof of insurance is required for all students enrolled in 6 hours or more. You are required to purchase Student Health Insurance if you do not submit an online waiver showing proof of adequate coverage each year of enrollment.

Financial aid

Campus-change students who receive financial aid will notice their budgets are larger on the Columbus campus to account for the increase in tuition and fees. However, plan your finances wisely so these additional costs don't catch you by surprise.