What to expect on the Columbus campus

Although campus-change students have a lot of familiarity with being an Ohio State student (possessing a BuckID, registering for courses and paying fees through Buckeye Link, etc.), there are some nuances that make the Columbus campus unique.

Lecture vs. Recitation

Many introductory level classes on the Columbus campus have both a faculty instructor and a teaching assistant who assists in course management, oftentimes leading lab work or recitations.

For many of these classes, faculty-led lectures take place several days of the week and are supplemented by smaller recitation classes, led by a graduate teaching assistant. Recitation class is where quizzes are taken, homework is reviewed, and questions from the lectures and readings can be addressed.

In either case, you can always preview your classroom or instruction space via virtual tour at odee.osu.edu/classroom-browse.

Course work

Students who changed campuses have commented that they had some initial difficulty with course work on the Columbus campus. Don’t be dismayed, however — they also reported that it's easy to find assistance through the many academic resources on campus.

Getting around campus

Getting around the Columbus campus might take some getting used to. You might drive (which means you'll need to know where to park). Perhaps you'll take a COTA or CABS bus. Walking and bicycling are always great options, too. Whichever way you get around, remember to share the road responsibly.

Buckeye Alerts

The university provides a Buckeye Alert system that will send text message notifications of emergency situations on campus. To sign up to receive Buckeye Alert messages, log in to your BuckeyeLink at buckeyelink.osu.edu and enter your cell phone number in the personal information area. Parents/spouse or others may also sign up to receive Buckeye Alert messages.

Because some students travel between regional campuses and the Columbus campus, you can opt in to receive alerts from multiple campuses. You must first register for Buckeye Alerts before you can opt in to multiple campus messages.